bacon flight

Flight of bacon, anyone? Cheeky’s Palm Springs is worth the wait.

This is a review of Cheeky’s Palm Springs. They’ve got flights of bacon that might make you very happy.

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Terrible vacation drama: did I get roofied?

This was a bad situation. We were fortunate to be surrounded by friends who were able to help us, but the evening could have turned out very differently.

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A really good sale at ShopBop: lots of luxury bargains!

This is a great sale. I’ve seen some very big discounts on things that don’t normally go on sale. Act quickly if you want in on the action!

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Pixie’s Picks: free hotel b-day night, $50 Best Western gift card, 500 Virgin miles, free hotel points!

Here is a little mix of deals that might add a few miles to your accounts or cash to your wallets.


Amazing room review: the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells 1-Bedroom Casita

We are vacationing in Palm Springs right now, and we are staying at what has turned out to be an amazing hotel in the desert: the Hyatt Regency Indian Wells….

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10-second tip: 1,500 free United miles from MyPoints.

This is a great freebie! If you are not yet a member of MyPoints, you can get up to 1,500 points with minimal cost or effort. Here’s how. 1. Go…

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I’m accidentally in the middle of Coachella…and I hate it.

Ugh. I didn’t want to go to Coachella, but here I am, right in the middle of it. And I can’t believe how much I hate it.

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6 tips for traveling with an anxious kid.

We’ve had vacations when my son’s behavior was so challenging that we’ve contemplated coming home early. These tips are our survival strategies. They’ve completely transformed our vacations from sometimes awful to usually fabulous.

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The Club Carlson Visa: how I used the benefits of this card to save a LOT of cash.

The Club Carlson Visa is one of those cards that I plan on keeping in my wallet for a long time. It’s actually an interesting card, because I don’t think…

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Free product from Birchbox + how to save 50% on every box.

Here’s an affordable way to get a subscription box each month!