4 travel essentials we’re using every day on our trip.

golden temple

My family and I are in the middle of a big trip to Japan, France, and Spain. We’ve been traveling for about a week and a half now, with another three weeks still ahead of us. We’ve had a ton of adventures already, and as we get into our travel groove as […]

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In the blink of an eye: we had to use the Heimlich Maneuver today.


We walked way too many miles yesterday, so today we decided to just hang out at the guest house where we are staying in Kyoto and relax. It was raining this morning, so we all felt good about our choice. The house is a traditional old Japanese house with two […]

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Hyatt Diamond benefits at the Park Hyatt Tokyo: food and drinks.

Twilight Time chef

The Hyatt Diamond drinks and breakfast benefits at the Park Hyatt Tokyo definitely enhanced our stay. Here’s a detailed description with lots of photos.

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My mom got bit by a duck at Tokyo Disney Sea.


This really happened – a duck bit my mom at Toyko Disney Sea!

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Our family trip to the public bath in Kyoto.


Today my family tried the Onsen, or public bath, in Kyoto. We loved it – although it was a little scary.

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Tokyo kicked my butt today.


Today was our second full day in Tokyo, and it is safe to say that the city kicked our butts. While we had a very full and interesting experience, it was also exhausting and overwhelming…and it didn’t let up.

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Hotel review: Park Hyatt Tokyo.

park hyatt tokyo key

I had read and heard so much about the Park Hyatt Tokyo, but I don’t think anything can really prepare you for the experience. Here’s my attempt.

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A Japanese drugstore dud.


I was looking for great Japanese drugstore finds, but instead I got this by mistake.

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SF to Tokyo with no jet lag: was it the grass?


We completely beat jet lag on our trip from SF to Tokyo. We did do something fairly unconventional…maybe that was the secret?

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A Tokyo culture milkshake.


Our first day in Tokyo was quirky and beautiful and wild and confusing and serene and overwhelming, all at once…and we loved it.

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